Photo coasters of a weathered wooden door in Oia Santorini Greece by Travel Photographer Larry Jang.
Photo coaster of an aquamarine window & shutters  from Santorini, Greece by travel photographer Larry Jang
Home accessories. Coasters of a window from colorful houses in Burano Italy by travel photographer Larry Jang.
Photo of a Greek Blue colored door from England, United Kingdom by Larry Jang
Photo coaster of a red door on a brick house in England by Travel Photographer Larry Jang.
Cork photo coasters of White door on salmon colored wall from Reykjavik Iceland by Travel Photographer Larry Jang
Photo coasters of a pink house and pink window from Burano, Italy by Travel Photographer Larry Jang.
Cork Coasters of a green door in Athens Greece by Christina Jang.
Cork coasters of a blue door and rusty Klondike tools in Yukon Territory, Canada by Canadian photographer Larry Jang.
Home accessories. Cork coasters of an Indigo Blue door in Santorini, Greece by Travel photographer Christina Jang.
Drink Coasters of a wooden Green door in Fira Santorini Greece by Travel photographer Larry Jang.
Photo Coasters of a window from an abandoned brick house in Saskatchewan, Canada by Canadian Prairies photographer Larry Jang.
Photo Coasters of a Aquamarine window and shutters on a wall of graffiti in Athens Greece by Travel Photographer Larry Jang.
Tabletop decor. Photo coasters of a lime green door in Santorini Greece by Travel Photographer Larry Jang.
Travel themed decor. Coasters of a baby blue wooden door in Santorini Greece hand printed by larry Jang.
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J² Studios

Doors and Windows Coaster Collection

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Drink coasters hand printed with photos of my favorite doors and windows from Italy, Greece, Iceland, England and Scotland.

* Details *

The coasters measure 9.5 x 9.5 cm (3.75 x 3.75 inch), 0.4 cm (0.15 inch) thick.  They have a cork bottom to protect surfaces from scratches and to prevent the coaster from sliding around.  Our images are printed on the glossy surface of the coaster which means that coasters must be handled with reasonable care (no throwing around or dropping on hard surfaces) as this layer may chip.

Please note that the corners of the coasters are curved, so there will be a little bit of cropping on all four corners of each image.  Our watermark will be removed from your purchase.

* Care *

Do not immerse in water.  Simply use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the coaster down.  


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