New Fabrics

One of my most favorite things is finding pretty and cute fabrics for everything I make!  Below, you'll find updates of new fabrics that I add to my mask collection.  Clicking on the image will direct you to the listing with this fabric.

For a close look at my mask design, you can see the details here.

December 12

Star Wars Empire Characters Darth Vader Storm Trooper Fabric Cotton Mask
Star Wars Mandalorian Snowy Day Winter Cotton Fabric Mask
Star Wars Little Rebels Feminine Pink Fabric Mask


September 30

Periodic Table Fabric Mask 3 Layer Canada
Science Fair Fabric Mask Cotton 3 Layer Canada


March 7

Biking Snoopy Woodstock Peanuts Cotton Fabric Mask
Cherry Blossom Flower Cotton Fabric Mask


March 6

Edmonton Oilers Cotton Fabric


February 17

Cerulean Blue Black and White Flower Fabric Mask


February 10

Cats with Mask Fabric Mask Cotton Fabric
Dog Cloud Rain Cotton Fabric


January 11

My Heritage Blooms
My Heritage Plaid

January 6

School Fabric Mask
School Fabric Mask
School Bus Fabric Mask
Math Fabric Mask


December 5



November 29

Polypropylene Fabric for Masks 
At checkout when ordering your triple layer mask, specify if you want a polypropylene layer or cotton layer.  By default, a cotton layer will be used if not specified.  

November 18


November 1