Ramshackle Past #1
Ramshackle Past #1 is an art print of the layers of an abandoned home in Saskatchewan. Heritage inspired photography.
Ramshackle Past #1
Ramshackle Past #1
Photography by Larry

Ramshackle Past #1

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* Story Behind the Image *

Some of the abandoned homesteads and barns that you can see when you drive through the prairies often make me wonder about....the stories behind those walls....why did the people leave?...what type of dreams did these people have?...what was life like there?....the list goes on. That is why my abandoned house collections often have sentimental overtones to the images as that is what inspired me for this collection.

When I saw the exposed layers of wood and brick on this abandoned home on the Saskatchewan prairies I was inspired. Abandoned buildings really are beautiful!

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My prints are professionally printed on archival Kodak paper or Baryta Fine Art Paper; depending on which medium you choose.

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My canvas prints are printed on a polyester/flax blended canvas with giclee inks. They are finished with a polyurethane satin-finish varnish. They are mounted on a 1.5-1.75" wood bars. Canvas Prints are limited edition and each print is numbered 1 and through 99.  Please inquire if you are wondering which number your print will be. 

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Images are dye-infused onto Aluminum.  They are durable, hard & scratch resistant, waterproof and can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner (avoid direct sunlight). They come with hanging hardware and the corners are rounded with a fashionable 1/8” radius.

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*ABOUT MY WORK* My work is created due to a passion for photography and each image is meant to capture character or the heart of the moment. Each image also reflects how I felt at the moment I took that image. As a local Edmonton artist it is an amazing feeling to have the opportunity to share my work with you. Thank you for choosing to buy handmade and supporting the made local, small business movement. Your purchase supports my little family. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.