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Did you take all these pictures?

Yes!  98% of the photography is by Larry and 2% is by Christina.

Where are all these photos from?

We have been fortunate to visit many places in Canada, USA, Europe, South America, Cuba, Egypt and Iceland.  However our most favorite images are the ones we took right in our own backyard, the Canadian prairies.  We love our Heritage collection very much.

Can I buy those vintage cameras or typewriters?

Unfortunately no, we are only selling photo prints of those items.

Did you stage all your pictures? (e.g. bike images)

Other than some of the still life images, which were done in my studio, all images are serendipitous moments

Can you print a photo I have on a phone case, canvas or coaster?

No, at this time we are only focusing on printing our own photos on phone cases, canvases and coasters.

Did you make the phone case or coaster?

Yup! :)

Can I request a custom order of one of your images?

Absolutely! I love working with my customers to create the perfect art piece.  Please contact me (Larry) for further discussions.



Did you knit all these items?

Yes, I sure did!  Each piece takes several hours to complete and is made with lots of ♥.

Are your items made in a pet-free, smoke-free environment?


Did you make all these flowers?

Yup!  Each flower is handmade by myself.  From cutting the fabric down, hand folding, sewing and adhering them to the hair clips or arranging them into clusters for headbands.

How does sizing work for your knitwear or headbands?

Please see my sizing guide here.

Can I request a custom item?

Yes!  As long as I have the materials, I would be happy to make some specially for you. Please contact me (Christina) for further discussions.



What currency are the prices listed in?

Canadian Dollars (CAD).