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Craft Sizing Guide

Headband Sizing



Measure the circumference of the head indicated by the *** in the image to the left.  The sizing chart can be found below.  Please keep in mind that all the headbands are elastic, so there will be some stretch.

 Please allow a 0.5 - 1 cm (¼ - ½ inch) variance in headband sizes.





(Head Ciricumference)


Preemie* 30 - 32 cm (12+ inch)
XX-Small Newborn 32 - 34 cm (13+ inch)
X-Small 0 - 6 months 36 - 37 cm (14+ inch)
Small 6 - 24 months 38 - 39 cm (15+ inch)
Medium 24 months + 40 - 42 cm (16+ inch)
Large Teen/Adult 45+ cm (18+ inch)

 *  Preemie sizes can be custom ordered.  Please make note of this upon checkout.


Knitwear Sizing

Measure the circumference of your head as indicated by *** in the image to the left.  Please not that all knit items have a certain degree of stretch as you wear the item. 

Due to the handmade nature of the items, please allow a 1 - 2 cm (½ - ¾ inch) variance in measurements.

The knit items in my shop will fit most teens and adults.  Many of the items will fit slightly larger than the commercial, mainstream items you can find in stores.

My original inspiration to starting my knitwear line was that I could not find a toque or headband in the womens department that could fit my head properly (I have a big head!).  So I thought I would knit myself something that fits.  Then I thought...hey, there might be others out there that can't fit commercial toques and headbands too (other than shopping in the mens department!).  So I decided to make items that are slightly larger than what you can get in big box stores without compromising style and design and it'll actually keep you warm in the winter too!  Not to worry though, I have knitwear that fits those who have "regular" or smaller heads too.  :)

If you find a design I have but it doesn't have the measurements that fit you please contact me for a custom order.  I'd be happy to make one that fits your measurements :)