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About Us

J² Studios artst and designer, Larry and Christina Jang

We're a husband and wife duo that have a passion for the arts.  We are photographers, musicians, designers & makers.  We are blessed to share similar interests in the arts and are thrilled to be able to share our love of the arts with the world.

We love hearing from our customers!  You can contact us email.

 Lots of ♥,

Larry & Christina


From Larry:

Welcome to my print shop! 

I am inspired by life here on the prairies and by my connection to the world.

My art features a lot of different themes and subject matter and I am happy that you are here to peruse them!  

Feel free to contact me regarding questions, custom requests and follow me on:

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From Christina:


All the dresses, hair accessories and knitwear here are designed and made with lots of love by me.  Each item is made with care to ensure it is a quality designed product as well as something that is unique!

My passion for creating with my hands has been something I've had all my life.  When I was young, I loved to do arts and crafts and I even won top award for grade 9 Home Economics!  My love for sewing and designing clothing has been a lingering passion that I didn't explore, but now, I'm super excited to finally get into it.  Sewing runs in my family - my dad's mom was a well known clothing designer/seamstress in her village back in China, my mom's mom sewed for Levis, my mom sewed clothing for me (and my cabbage patch kids) and my dad hems pants and can alter clothes!  So naturally, I have always been very interested in sewing and designing.

Feel free to contact me regarding questions, custom requests and follow me on:

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